About LYD

LYD (Live Your Dream) represents the spirit of finally acknowledging the dreams that have always been within us and turning them into a reality.

We are a place where people with dreams in the media and content field come together to work towards fulfilling those aspirations while at the same time bringing to life LYD’s company mission.

What We Do

LYD is the largest independent content distribution company for international channels and content  in Korea. We constantly challenge ourselves to become an industry leader that fosters the globalization of content from around the world.


LYD is a subsidiary of IYUNO Media Group. With our content distribution expertise and  IYUNO’s cutting edge technology,  expansive presence and capabilities, we aim to revolutionize how content is distributed on a global scale.


Our global reach continues to grow. We manage a global network of media and content partners all over the world to put together partnerships that work while continuing to expand and strengthen our presence worldwide.


Belle Park

Channel & Contents Sales

Jun Baek

Finance & Administration

Jack Yoon

Channel & Contents Sales

Joon Hee Lee

Overseas Business Development

Hanna Lee

Managing Director

Stacy Chi

International Sales & Acquisitions


To revolutionize content distribution through our extensive local networks, digital technology, and creative ideas.

Deep Global Networks

Teams led by multilingual experts in the field with deep networks in Korea and beyond.

Innovative Deal Development

With our Innovative deal development and creative ideas, content can be distributed widely and effectively.

Advanced Technology

Internally developed technology that transparently & seamlessly distributes content quickly & securely.

Core Values